A.S.F. Anatomy Specific Fixation (Available for Consignment)

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A.S.F. Anatomy Specific Fixation (Available for Consignment)

We are 15% to 20% less cost than all competitors.

Call Kapp Surgical for pricing. This product is available for consignment inventory. 

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A.S.F. Anatomy Specific Fixation – Plates & Screws For Distal Radius Fracture Fixation

This complete system of Plates and Screws is manufactured by Kapp Surgical under the direction of William H. Seitz Jr. MD, to offer a superior solution to open reduction and internal fixation for complex distal radius fracture repair at an economical cost.

This system is supplied in an efficient sterilization tray for simplified delivery to the surgeon, exclusively from Kapp.

These stainless steel components are complementary to the Kapp manufactured Radial and Ulnar Head stainless steel implant systems, completing a full line of options for implant and fracture repair.

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